Doggies Should Fly

Dogs on a plane.
I was particularly curious to travel with my dog this year. Airports, planes, car rides– all the way to New York from California. But I stumbled upon an article, ‘..dogs banned on airlines.” Aw, bummer.

Turns out that the flatter-faced dogs like bulldogs, pugs, and boxers have trouble breathing up-in-the-air.. (Makes sense, right?) Once the dogs are at a certain altitude level, they can’t breathe much — creating a high risk for DEATH. Dun-dun-dan!

The airlines that have completely banned these dogs are: Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines {:( my fav airline}

HOWEVER, what I found interesting is that American Airlines placed some banning. They only banned the dogs on summer dates of June to September.

I didn’t understand this. So the dogs are allowed to die on these days, but not after? I wonder whats-up.


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