Love like a dog

Where I come from, loving a dog as a child is an obscure thought. Often times, it is a down-right insult.

My family come from Indonesia, where it is against the majority (religion) to own a dog. A dog is to: be eaten, guard the home, stay outside, or get a beating for no reason–when the master takes no time to train them. Whose fault is that?

Here, in the Western world we treat our dogs like our children. Our own flesh and blood.

I’ve always thought that dogs were motivators to walk and exercise. Not the other way around. Only in America.

Waking up in the morning, the little (or not so little) guy leaps on your bed, overjoyed and excited to start your day. Asking to play, eat, sit on your lap– you can’t do anything other than to turn any frown up-side-down.

Having Fluffy in life has changed my perception, entirely. (That may sound crazy..) However, there are no words to describe how much he loves me. Loving like a dog means unconditional love.

Nothing in the world will make him love me more.. or less.

BUT of course, nothing like a treat or two to make it seem like he loves you more


One thought on “Love like a dog

  1. I think its so sad when people treat dogs like that. My brother in law is from the Philipenes and they caught a dog, beat it, and had it for dinner! Probably the saddest thing ever! Hopefully you love your puppy a bit more.

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