Around Home

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There’s a definite warmth (more like arrogance) that I get when walking around with Fluffy.
It is like, and say it in a cocky-voice.. Oh yeah, look at me. Who is the owner of this adorable dog, yah, that’s me!

Fluffy and I find ourselves with nothing to do in the middle of late afternoon. And his owner finds herself craving Mexican food. Where do they go? Downtown Brea. Aka Birch

We call it the mini-boardwalk. Shops and cafes, theatre (3 actually), most of all, burritos and chips. I enjoy them, but Fluff enjoys the scraps.

He would sit intently waiting for other felines to come by and would growl, and bark a couple of times–showing them “what’s up,” then sit back down. It’s really odd.

Annnyyyway, a perfect place to enjoy yourself AND with your dog is Birch st. In Brea. Enjoy


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