Understanding Dawgs

I would accidentally step on my dog or hurt him in some way– but he would continue to love me. Lick my face each morning and provide me with warm “cookies” daily–as a gift of his love. Oh yeah, I understand “Dawg-Language.”

Fluffy does not bark obnoxiously. (Like my neighbor’s dog at 1 am). He picks up his leash and bring it over to me when he wants to walk. He can play dead to get Beggin’ Strips. He warms me up by sleeping by my side. Fluffy is The king, man.

In return, I try to include him in my life too.

Tomorrow, I will post another great place to take doggies to. It is in Downtown Brea. Sweet and cozy, friendly dogs walking around.. and for their masters, a Jazz festival to enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Understanding Dawgs

  1. How did you train him to bring you the leash… I tried it with my mothers dog… He used to look at me like “I am smarter than bringing you MY leash!”
    I am about to recieve my puppy (Friday in fact) and can’t wait! But it’s one of those few tricks I have always wanted my dog to do! thanks 🙂

    • Most puppies seem to be train-able with a great snack. I’ve had a handful who would do the same, though
      haha, that’s very funny!

      That’s exciting! What kind of dog? Any names yet?

      In the beginning, I just brought out the least, ask him “do you want to walk?” With the leash in his face lol.

      Afterwards, I placed the leash in his mouth, walk away and told him to bring it to me– and if he did, gave him a treat. if not, nada.

      But this took time.. Fluff didn’t get the point. Even though I was continuously putting the leash in his mouth-he would drop it and leave it where it was. So patience is essential! 🙂

      • So we are getting a female Golden Retriever because my mother-in-laws golden is getting really old and we want her to have something similar around her later on.
        Because it’s France we are given the first letter of the name for age purposes. (Anal retentitive I know but it’s France) All puppies born this year must be called a “g” name so we called her Goofy which no French person understands and after an awkward silence tells me it’s “original”!
        Thanks for the help with leash I’ll be trying ASAP! We pick her up on Friday! YAY!

      • Hey! Okay…SO ITS FRIDAY!… how is your dog??

        I was rummaging through of some sites and i think you’ll like this. Or at least get some ideas

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