Going deeper | The “jist” of things

Six years ago, I had no intentions of owning a pet, let alone taking care of it’s every need. The apartment was a mess, the family was even more of a mess- a dog would just make things worse.

My mom was just getting out of a rough divorce, and living a “new” life as a single parent proved difficult. Long story short, she went through an even rougher depression.
Emotions ran through the roof and even took it “out” on my younger brother and I… Life for me, undoubtedly SUCKED.

You might be asking, why then did you get a dog?
I didn’t.

My younger brother cried and cried And cried his way through, until my mom bought him a dog. Fluffy.

Fluffy 1 year | 7 years for dogs

Fluffy was So annoying, peed everywhere, was noisy and simply, awful. I despised him.
Despite his negative features, I enjoyed one thing. Fluffy’s unconditional love for me, and especially for my mom.

She would come home from a long and tiring day at work, to find a small black dog, licking her and asking for her attention. No matter what happened, Fluffy was there for her. Over the years their relationship grew. And as that love grew, her depression decreased!

So you wonder why this dog is especially close and dear to my heart? It is because I Iove my mom and I could not stand her being unhappy. With the aid of this creature, my small, used-to-be annoying dog, life just seem to be… Manageable and happier when he is around.


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