“Blaug-buiz” (blog-business)

A man by name of Tim Rutt attended class last week. Before I met him in person, I have already established a sense of who he is; a humble and hard-working man.

How did I make that assumption?

Well, I cheated a little– I “googled” him and found his biography. He is living in Altadena, California and is changing and improving his community.. through his blog.

I have a difficult time imagining anyone making profit from a blog, but here Tim comes in- and he did it.
At the end of class, my mind was racing and bouncing off the walls of my brain. I had so many ideas that needed to be refined, so that I may be able to create, initiate, and define my business.

The key to success is to not tell everything you know. So this ends here. But, do stay tuned for some form of Mega-business in the near future. It might not make millions, but it will be something I love to do. Which is more valuable. Just like Tim.


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