Mi Piace

Fluffy and I spent a great deal of our day at Old Town Pasadena. If you have never been there. GO…NOW! Despite its name, it’s the best place to shop and eat a great variety of food.

After walking around, barking at other dogs and attacking some of them, we ate at Mi Piace. A HIP italian restaurant. They love dogs (behaved ones, like Fluff) and their service was wonderful…not to mention their classic pizza and calamari!

Fluff enjoyed a little bit of their complimentary bread and  balsamic vinegar (not sure whether thats great for a  dog, but a little of anything can’t hurt, right?)

At the end of the night, Fluffy was wiped from all the  shopping, walking, eating, running, and all the things  this little guy loves to do.


2 thoughts on “Mi Piace

  1. Mega: How did you know I love Mi Piace? Seriously, the shot makes me feel hungry. Still, is your blog about experiencing how to use a camera, how to be a street photographer? (that is a great art you know) or is it about you and your dog? Be clear and stay on topic.

    • Hi Professor Scauzillo,

      Yes, Mi Piace was DELICIOUS-O! Though, one suggestion. A few months ago I went there and ordered the Cicilian Sea-Bass….it was good. However, “good” does not fit the $40 category.

      Hope the changes I made today, specified the blog…once again. (my lack of focus that you’ve pointed out, is helping me “figure things out” in my personal life as well.)
      Thank you.

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