Today Sandy, my camera, Fluffy, my dog and myself went to the dog park in Fullerton. And yes, there is finally a park for dogs here!

Over the course of three weeks, we all have gone only five times—but during those times, we have learned SO MUCH. Dogs are not just mere animals; they are pretty much like humans.

Fluffy and I are inseparable. He is my love and my baby; I feed him, bathe him, walk him, everything is done by me. Just like a couple of posts ago, he is my family. No matter what happens, he will be beside me every morning to wake me up and kiss me. Because of his love, I wanted to show Fluffy how much I too love him. And so I take him to the dog park.

The first time…was horrid. I did not realize that my loving dog was vicious. For instance,  he would attack those who approached him. He was anti-social, wanted to be by himself. Guarded me, and attacked those dogs who came within two feet of me. WOW-zerz!

However, today, our fifth time was amazing! Fluffy was able to run around with the other dogs and play chase around the tails.

The point is: dogs and humans are so much alike. I have noticed myself becoming, not vicious, but guarded and reserved when it comes to meeting new people. Now since I am aware, hopefully I can skip several steps and welcome people as if it was our fifth time meeting.


2 thoughts on “Dog-Gon-It

    • What kind of pup do you have, Erica?

      I call Fluffy a “never-ending pup,” because even though he is 6 years old..he still stays the same size and energy.

      Does Frankie act like you? I find my dog acting the same way…(sometimes worse) like me.

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