Family, that’s all

family dinner

Some might disagree, but family is solid; a strong support group and a foundation. If you have need a hug, they are there. Family are those who have stood beside you, ever since you were born. They know you, understand you (for the most part), and most importantly, love you for who you are!

As a babies and toddlers, we love our family, especially our mom and dad. In fact, we cannot get enough of them. Though, through the passing days, weeks, and years, children get older and start to detach themselves from their family. Believing that they, as young adults are now capable of being wiser completely independent.

Although I am an adult, I still want my family to be within close proximity. To love them, to care for them and to receive that love in return. Because I have experienced my ‘independence,’ I realize that I am incapable of being wise, independent, loving without my family. They are teaching me the principles of life through their actions and words.

In the future, I am hoping to return the love, generosity, support, that my family has shown me- and reciprocate it back to them.

Here, my camera, Sandy and I are gazing upon the best people in life. Our family.


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